This section contains information to deploy, maintain, and extend the RE software.

Code Repository:  regulome-explorer.googlecode.code

To check out the source code, you must have mercurial installed.

To check out the code, using mercurial:

hg clone

The repo contains several directories under /src.

webapp -> the client-side library (everything minus the configuration code)
instances -> (examples of the configuration code) index.html + globals.js + associations.js
dataimport -> code, schema, templates, and example data for the server-side data storage.


Client side:

This project requires several libraries. The code can be linked from remotely-stored addresses or installed locally as static content.


The code can be downloaded from the Downloads section, or checked out and built using a Makefile which relies on NodeJS to create the minimized code.

The code must be placed such that it is accessible as host/js/visquick/ by the client.


A Javascript library that enables straightforward creation of SVG tags according to data-specific functions.

The code must be placed such that it is accessible as host/js/protovis/ by the client.

A JS framework that can be used for free for non-commercial purposes.

For this project, Ext JS version 3.4.0 is required. The examples/docs/tutorials need not be installed.

The code must be placed such that it is accessible as host/extjs/3.4.0/ by the client.


MySQL >= 5.0

Tomcat >= 6.0

SOLR >= 3.6

Google Datasource API Service (connects to MySQL)

NodeJS >=0.6

Export Images/Convert Data (*upload to repo and link here)

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