6.1 Filtering by Pathway

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To filter by pathway, follow these steps:

1. Select Pathway under Type in Feature

2. Next select a Pathway from the drop-down menu.  Pathways from KEGG, Biocarta, NCI-Pathway Interaction Database, PWCommons, and WIKIPW are available in the drop-down menu. When you select a Pathway, the Label field will automatically be filled with the genes of the pathway.

3. Click on Filter.

An example of a filter window using the P53 Pathway from Biocarta is shown below:

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Pathway Filter.png

The results returned with this filter will be the top 25 results for each gene in the P53 pathway.  A colored diagram on the right shows the associations for each gene in the pathway.  The colors represent the different variable types as specified in the Legend. 

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - p53 Pathway.png

Hovering over the bar for a pathway gene will display only the associations for that gene.  Clicking on a bar for a pathway gene will freeze the display so the associations for that gene are fixed on the screen.  You will notice a red bar around the pathway gene display.  Clicking in the pathway window outside the red bar unfreezes the display. 

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