4.2.1 Data Plots

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The Data Plot shows a plot of the data points underlying the correlation of the 2 features.  Different plots are seen depending on the types of features in the correlation.  The data for 2 continuous features will be shown as a standard scatter plot.  The data for 1 continuous feature and 1 categorical feature will be shown as a violin plot.  The examples below show a standard scatter plot between 2 continuous features.

This is an example of a data plot.  

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Details.png

Hovering over the points in the data plot allows you to see the patient id for that value.

Color By option:  Clicking on the box next to Enable allows you to color the data by a particular feature.  In the example below, the data is colored by ER status and the two colors represent positive and negative ER status.  

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Colored Data Plot.png

You can reverse axes by clicking on the box next to Reverse Axes.

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Data Plot Reversed Axes.png

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