3.4 Information Cards

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Information cards provide additional information about a feature.

Hovering over a tick in the Genome-level view displays a small information card.  This card includes Feature, Source, Location, and Annotation fields as well as links to external public resources.  This card can be moved on the display with your mouse by placing the pointer on the black rectangle in the upper left corner.  The card can be pinned to the display by clicking on the “T” in the upper left corner, which switches over to an “O” on pinning.  Multiple cards can be pinned to the display in order to compare data from different molecular features. 

This is an example of an information card for a molecular feature:

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Gene Information Card.png

A description on using information cards can be found in this video tutorial.

Created by Erik S on 2019/05/29 16:29

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