3.1 Multi-Scale

Last modified by Erik S on 2019/05/29 16:29

The Multi-Scale Tab displays the Genome-level View.

Under the Display->Circular Plot menu, there are several options to customize this view.  

  • Outer Ticks allows you to modify Overlap Distance, Wedge Height, and Wedge Width.
  • Rotate Clockwise allows you to rotate the genome-level view by a specified number of degrees.

Select the option, enter the parameters, and then click Filter on the Filter Window to see the new view.

Under the Mode menu, selecting Circular Plot allows you to select one of two options to interact with the genome-level view.  

  • Explore fixes the view on the window.  This is the default. 
  • Navigate allows you to move the view so you can focus on one area of the genome.  If you select Navigate, you can then click on any region of the concentric circles and drag the entire circle to a different location.  Changing the mode back to Explore fixes the view on the window again.
Created by Erik S on 2019/05/29 16:29

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