3. Genome-Level View

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The human genome is displayed in circular format with the chromosome numbers indicated by gray circular labels with black digits (or X, Y).  The data is overlaid on this genome as a series of concentric rings:

Features - (Outermost ring) color-coded ticks represent different molecular features

The outer ring consists of ticks which are color-coded to represent the different molecular features in the data set (as shown in the legend).  For example, green represents DNA methylation data.  The ticks are staggered so that they can be individually selected for more information.  

Hovering over a tick displays a small Information Card.

Clicking a tick brings up a chromosome-level view with a zoom-in on the designated region (see more information under Chromosome-Level View).

Cytogenetic Bands - (Middle ring) Genome labeled with cytogenetic bands

The middle ring displays the genome with cytogenetic bands.  The centromere of each chromosome is indicated by a red strip.

Unmapped Associations - (Inner ring) Data is seen in this ring under certain filter conditions - when one feature in an association does not have a genomic coordinate.  This is explained in detail under Pairwise Associations.

In the center of the rings, associations between features are represented as arcs.   These associations are described in detail under Pairwise Associations.

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Rings ver2.png

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