2. Starting the Application

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To use Regulome Explorer: All Pairs, you must first select a dataset to analyze.  The starting screen looks like this:

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Load Dataset.png

Click on the folder icon next to the cancer type you would like to view.  Then click on the appropriate subfolder icon, click the dataset, and click on Load at the bottom of the Load Dataset window.  For the Breast Cancer paper data, click on the folder icon for BRCA, then click on the Nature paper folder, then click on Complete Dataset, and click on Load. 

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - load data.png

The Breast Cancer dataset will then be loaded.  Regulome Explorer consists of a Genome-level View in the left pane and a Filter Associations window in the right pane.  The initial display will show the top 200 gene expression associations.

Regulome Explorer All Pairs - Initial View.png

Created by Erik S on 2019/05/29 16:29

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